The Federal Commission for Air Hygiene (FCAH) is an extra-parliamentary body, appointed by the Federal Council and consisting of experts in the field of air pollution control.

The FCAH is an independent and interdisciplinary administrative commission, which is concerned with scientific and methodological questions, in accordance with Article 8a of the Government and Administration Organisation Ordinance of 25 November 1998 (SR 172.010.). The current order of appointment dates from 12 December 2018.

The FCAH acts in the public interest on behalf of the government and its agencies. Its members include physicians, plant physiologists, university lecturers, measurement specialists, legal experts, cantonal representatives, representatives of trade and industry.

The FCAH advises the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications and the Federal Office for the Environment on scientific and methodological questions concerning air pollution control and assessment of the effects of air pollution on human health and the environment. In this connection, it prepares reports, recommendations, opinions and proposals.

The FCAH supports the Federal Council in specifying ambient air quality standards for the Air Pollution Control Ordinance. In this process, it is important that the latest scientific findings should be presented by a politically independent body - as stipulated in the Environmental Protection Act.

The expertise of the FCAH represents a valuable addition to the knowledge of the Air Pollution Control and Chemicals Division of the FOEN. Efforts to seek a consensus are facilitated by the involvement of representatives from industry, academia, and various levels of government.

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Last edition: 04.01.2024